Roussos Dimitrakopoulos

  • Director of the COSMO Stochastic Mine Planning Laboratory
  • Professor, Department of Mining and Materials Engineering
  • Canada Research Chair (Tier I) in Sustainable Mineral Resource Development and Optimization Under Uncertainty
COSMO Laboratory Director
  • Stochastic modelling and optimization
  • Mine optimization and strategic planning
  • Artificial intelligence and applications in mining
  • Reserve/Resource estimation
  • Mineral resource management
  • Risk assessment and decision making under uncertainty

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CIM Distinguished Lecturer

Luc Devroye

  • Professor, School of Computer Science
  • Applications of probability theory and probabilistic methods to computer science
  • Expected-time analysis of algorithms and data structures
  • Nonparametric estimation of densities and regression functions

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Jacques Ferland

  • Professor, University of Montreal
  • Mathematical programming
  • Heuristic methods
  • Combinatorial programming
  • Scheduling applications

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Michel Gamache

  • Professor
  • Department of Mathematical and Industrial Engineering, Polytechnique MontrĂ©al
  • Adjunct Professor
  • Department of Mining and Materials Engineering, McGill University
Research Interests:
  • Operations research
  • Scheduling
  • Dispatching

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Ioannis Psaromiligkos

  • Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, McGill University
Research Interests:
  • Wireless communications
  • Adaptive interference suppression
  • Parameter estimation for DS/CDMA systems
  • Performance evaluation of wireless communications systems
  • Smart antennas and joint space-time processing

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Wynand J. Kleingeld

  • Former Group Manager
  • Mineral Resource Management R&D Group, Great Britain

Wynand Kleingeld has recently retired from his position of Group Manager Mineral Resources at De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited. He obtained his Doctors Degree in Mining Engineering specializing in Geostatistics in diamond evaluation from the Ecole Nationale Superieure de Mines de Paris, Fountainebleau, France.

Dr. Kleingeld was involved with the evaluation of resources and reserves for a quarter century, working on most based metal deposits e.g. gold, nickel, copper, niobium and platinum. He is best known for his work with diamonds,and is involved world wide in the issues related to mineral resources and reserves. Dr. Kleingeld is a Competent Person in the evaluation of mineral resources and mineral reserves, a member of the Geostatistical Association of Southern Africa, and was formerly Chairman of the Diamonds Working Group of the South African Mineral Resource Committee (SAMREC).