Roussos Dimitrakopoulos

  • Director of the COSMO Stochastic Mine Planning Laboratory
  • Professor, Department of Mining and Materials Engineering
  • Canada Research Chair (Tier I) in Sustainable Mineral Resource Development and Optimization Under Uncertainty
COSMO Laboratory Director
  • Stochastic modelling and optimization
  • Mine optimization and strategic planning
  • Artificial intelligence and applications in mining
  • Reserve/Resource estimation
  • Mineral resource management
  • Risk assessment and decision making under uncertainty

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CIM Distinguished Lecturer

Luc Devroye

  • Professor, School of Computer Science
  • Applications of probability theory and probabilistic methods to computer science
  • Expected-time analysis of algorithms and data structures
  • Nonparametric estimation of densities and regression functions

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Jacques Ferland

  • Professor, University of Montreal
  • Mathematical programming
  • Heuristic methods
  • Combinatorial programming
  • Scheduling applications

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Michel Gamache

  • Professor
  • Department of Mathematical and Industrial Engineering, Polytechnique MontrĂ©al
  • Adjunct Professor
  • Department of Mining and Materials Engineering, McGill University
Research Interests:
  • Operations research
  • Scheduling
  • Dispatching

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Ioannis Psaromiligkos

  • Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, McGill University
Research Interests:
  • Wireless communications
  • Adaptive interference suppression
  • Parameter estimation for DS/CDMA systems
  • Performance evaluation of wireless communications systems
  • Smart antennas and joint space-time processing

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