Lisa Chanderman

  • M.Sc

Years: 2015-2016
Thesis Title: None: COSMO Consortium Scholarship in Geostatistics and Mine Planning Optimisation with Uncertainty
Current Position: Student at University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa


Rein Dirkx

  • MEng

Years: 2014-2016
Thesis Title: “The optimization of mine planning aspects under uncertainty: a study on infill drilling and block cave scheduling”
Current Position: Associate Consultant, Bain & Company Belgium


Sean T. Grogan

  • M.Sc

Years: 2014-2016
Thesis Title: “An adaptive neighborhood search algorithm for optimizing stochastic mining complexes”
Current Position: PhD in Industrial Engineering at Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal


Iain Farmer

  • M.Eng

Years: 2014-2016
Thesis Title: “Stochastic Mining Supply Chain Optimization: A Study of Integrated Capacity Decisions and Pushback Design Under Uncertainty”
Current Position: Senior Associate, Corporate Development at Osisko Gold Royalties


Matthew Quigley

  • M.Eng

Years: 2014-2016
Thesis Title: “The Stochastic Optimization of Long and Short-term Mine Production Schedules Incorporating Uncertainty in Geology and Equipment Performance”
Current Position: Unknown


Maria Vallejo Garcia

  • M.Eng

Years: 2014-2016
Thesis Title: “Stochastic Orebody Modelling and Stochastic Long-Term Production Scheduling for an Iron Ore Deposit, in Northern Quebec”
Current Position: MineSight Specialist, Mine Planning Technical Services, Hexagon Mining


James MacNeil

  • M.Eng.

Years: 2013-2015
Thesis Title: “Determining optimal open pit to underground mine transition depth using stochastic mine planning techniques”
Current Position: Mining Practice Specialist at McKinsey & Co., New York, NY


Ahmad Rashid

  • (co- with IP)
  • MEng: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Years: 2012-2015
Thesis Title: “Reconstructing Spatial Images from Limited Samples using Supervised and Semi-Supervised Learning Algorithms”


Omar Idriss

  • (co- with JE)
  • MEng

Years: 1989-1991
Thesis Title: “Vibration effects on pickforce sensing”


William Cheung

  • (co- F. Ferry, EE, & G. Carayannis)
  • MEng

Years: 1990-1992
Thesis Title: “Inferring surface structure of rock piles from range images”
Current Position: Nortel, Hong Kong


Jackie Alison

  • (co & principal supervisor, M. Bilodeau)
  • PhD

Years: 1990-1994
Thesis Title: “Games in mine economics”
Current Position: VP, Harris Investment Management, Toronto


Xiaochun Luo

  • PhD

Years: 1992-1998
Thesis Title: “Spatiotemporal stochastic models for earth science and engineering applications”
Current Position: Mira Geoscience Inc., Montreal, Canada


J. Felipe Costa

  • PhD

Years: 1994-1998
Thesis Title: “Developments in recoverable reserve estimation and orebody modeling”
Current Position: Assoc. Prof. Mining Eng., Federal Univ. of RioGrande do Sul, Brazil


Andrew Richmond

  • MSc

Years: 1996-1998
Thesis Title: “Multi-scale ore texture modeling for mining applications”
Current Position: Martlet Consultants, Brisbane, Australia


Ivor Jones

  • MSc

Years: 1996-2000
Thesis Title: “Indicator kriging at Mt Morgan, Qld”
Current Position: Geosciences at Snowden, Brisbane Area, Australia


Margaretha Scott

  • PhD

Years: 1996-2000
Thesis Title: “Valuing Australian state geological surveys: Quantitative analysis for strategic planning”
Current Position: W.H.Bryan Mining and Geology Research Centre (BRC), Brisbane, Australia


Matthew Kay

  • (co- P. Fullagar)
  • MSc

Years: 1997-2001
Thesis Title: “Geostatistical integration of conventional and downhole geophysical data in the metalliferous mine environment”
Current Position: SunCorp Metway, Brisbane


Peter Rolley

  • MSc (p/t)

Years: 1996-2001
Thesis Title: “Geologic uncertainty in the development of an open pit mine: A risk analysis study”
Current Position: RMG Ltd, Rolley Geological Services, Perth Area, Australia


Sumaira Qureshi

  • MPhil

Years: 1997-2002
Thesis Title: “Comparative study of simulation algorithms in mapping spaces of uncertainty”
Current Position: PhD, Australian National University


Chris Farrelly

  • MPhil

Years: 1999-2002
Thesis Title: “Risk Quantification in ore reserve estimation and open pit mine design”
Current Position: Consultant, Brisbane


Luis Martinez

  • Post-grad Diploma
  • M.Phil

Years: 2000, 2001-2003
Thesis Title: “Review of methods for long- and short-term production planning”; “Can quantification of geological risk improve open pit mine design?”
Current Position: ROMPEV Pty Ltd, Brisbane Area, Australia


Alexandre Boucher

  • MPhil

Years: 2001-2003
Thesis Title: “Conditional joint simulation of random fields on block-support
Current Position: AR2Tech, California


Marcelo Godoy

  • PhD

Years: 1998-2003
Thesis Title: “The effective management of geological risk in long-term production scheduling of open pit mines”
Current Position: Newmont Mining Corportation, Denver, Colorado


Nikki Agyei

  • MPhil

Years: 2001-2004
Thesis Title: “Risk analysis of optimal stope design: Incorporating grade uncertainty”
Current Position: AMEC, CanadaAMEC Americas Ltd., Ontario, Canada


Jorg Benndorf

  • (co- S. Ramazan)
  • MPhil

Years: 2003-2005
Thesis Title: “Large scale stochastic simulations for long term scheduling formulations”
Current Position: TU Delft, The Hague Area, Netherlands


Justin Scott

  • MPhil

Years: 2004-2006
Thesis Title: “Multifractal simulations using analogues: Application at Wyong, NSW”
Current Position: Global Ore Discovery, Brisbane Area, Australia


Volker Osterholt

  • MPhil

Years: 2004-2006
Thesis Title: “Methods for simulating geology”
Current Position: BHP Billiton Iron Ore, Perth Area, Australia


Ron Eggins

  • (co- P. Forrestal, Xstrata)
  • MPhil p/t

Years: 2002-2006
Thesis Title: “Advanced verification of resource/reserve estimates and forecasting”
Current Position: Geostatistical Mining Solutions (GMS), Brisbane Area, Australia


Richard Peattie

  • MPhil

Years: 2004-2007
Thesis Title: “Uncertainty on ore reserve classification”
Current Position: VP Mineral Resources, AngloGold Ashanti, Johannesburg Area, South Africa


Arja Jewbali

  • (co- J. Whittle)
  • PhD

Years: 2002-2006
Thesis Title: “Modelling geological uncertainty for stochastic short-term production scheduling in open pit mines”
Current Position: Newmont Mining Corporation, Denver, Colorado


Andre Leite

  • MEng

Years: 2005-2008
Thesis Title: “Stochastic optimization approaches to open pit mine planning: Applications for and the value of stochastic approaches”
Current Position: Principal Mine Engineer, Vale Base Metals, Canada


Xu Huan

  • (co- S. Mannor)
  • PhD

Years: 2006-2009
Thesis Title: “Robust decision making and its applications in machine learning”
Current Position: Assistant Professor at National University of Singapore


Lucia Robles Stefoni

  • MEng

Years: 2006-2009
Thesis Title: “Critical Analysis of Multiple-Points Statistics Methods in the Stochastic Simulation of Geology at Fox Kimberlitic Diamond Pipe Located on the Ekati Property, North West Territories”
Current Position: Project Geostatistician, Glencore Zinc, Canada


Conor Meagher

  • (co- D. Avis)
  • PhD

Years: 2006-2010
Thesis Title: “On the Directed Cut Polyhedra and Open Pit Mining”
Current Position: Newmont Mining Corporation, Denver, Colorado


Francisco Albor

  • MEng

Years: 2007-2010
Thesis Title: “Exploring stochastic optimization in open pit mine design”
Current Position: ArcelorMittal Mines, Montreal, Canada


Victor Vidal Aguilar

  • MEng

Years: 2008-2011
Current Position: BHP Billiton, Chile


Wadood Yahya

  • MEng

Years: 2009-2011
Thesis Title: “Image reconstruction from a limited number of samples: a matrix-completion-based approach”
Current Position: Cisco Systems, Pakistan


Putra Manggala

  • (co- L. Devroye)
  • MSc

Years: 2009-2012
Thesis Title: “On Markov Random Field Models for Spatial Data: Towards a Practitioner’s Toolbox”
Current Position: Guavus, Montreal, Canada


Alexandre Marinho

  • MSc

Years: 2011-2012
Thesis Title: “Thesis Submitted”
Current Position: MiningMath Associates, Belo Horizonte, Brazil


Martha Villalba Matamoros

  • MEng

Years: 2011-2014
Thesis Title: “Stochastic Short-term Production Scheduling Accounting for Fleet Allocation, Operational Considerations, Blending Restrictions and Future Multi-element Ore Control Data


Murilo Nogueira Teixeira

  • MEng

Years: 2012-2014
Thesis Title: “Application of Multiple-Point Simulation of Mineral Deposits Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform”
Current Position: Mining Engineer, MCB Serviços e Mineração, SA


Mario De Freitas Silva

  • MEng

Years: 2012-2014
Thesis Title: “Application of Efficient Frameworks for Joint Simulation of Multi-Element Mineral Deposits and Stochastic Optimization of Open Pit Mine Production Scheduling”
Current Position: Vale SA


Sabrina Carpentier

  • M.Sc.

Years: 2012-2015
Thesis Title: “Planification Stratégique d’une Mine Souterraine en Tenant Compte de l’Incertitude Géologique”
Current Position: Junior Mine Engineer, Innovexplo, Canada


Renaud Senécal

  • M.Sc.

Years: 2013-2015
Thesis Title: “Applications of tabu search parallel metaheuristic for stochastic long-term production scheduling”
Current Position: Programmer-Analyst – Operation Research, Clear Destination, Montreal, Canada.