August 9-11
Denver CO, USA

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July 17-21, 2017
Quebec City, Canada

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 CIM Convention

April 30 – May 3, 2017
Montreal, Canada

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 SME trends in Mining Finance

April 30 – May 3, 2017
New York, USA

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 PDAC Convention

March 5-8, 2017
Toronto, Canada

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 SME Conference & Expo

February 19-22, 2017
Denver CO, USA

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November 9-10, 2016
Stanford, USA

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 CIM Convention

May 1-4, 2016
Vancouver, Canada

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 SME Conference: Mining Finance

April 27-28, 2016
New York, NY

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 SME’s 4th Current Trends in Mining Finance Conference

April 25, 2016

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New technologies for the smart management of technical risk

Presentation given by R. Dimitrakopoulos

 Real-Time – 2nd General Assembly

Lisbon, Portugal
April 19-20, 2016

OPTIMA 2015 Conference

October 18-20, 2015
Antofagasta, Chile
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October 6-9, 2015
Toronto, Canada
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Keynote Presentation 1:   Smart Mining Complexes and Value Chains: A technological perspective on risk management and sustainability

Roussos Dimitrakopoulos
Canada Research Chair (Tier I)
Sustainable Mineral Resource Development and Optimisation Uncertainty
Director of the COSMO Laboratory, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Case Study Presentation 2:   Application of stochastic mine optimization technique for determining optimal open pit to underground mining transition depth at a large gold mine

James MacNeil
Senior Research Assistant
Stochastic Mine Optimization Laboratory

 IAMG 2015 Conference

September 7-10, 2015
Freiberg, Germany
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 SIAM 2015 Conference

June 29-July 2, 2015
California, USA
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June 14-17, 2015
Montreal, Canada
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 APCOM 2015 Conference

May 24-27, 2015
Fairbanks, Alaska
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March 3-4, 2015
Toronto, Ontario
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 SME Annual Conference & Expo

February 14-18, 2015
Denver, Colorado

Ore Reserve and Optimization in Strategic Mine Planning: From single mines to mining complexes and mineral value chains under metal supply

Short Course given by R. Dimitrakopoulos

Orebody Modelling and Strategic Mine Planning 2014

Integrated mineral investment and supply chain optimisation
November 24 – 26
Perth, Western Australia

MININ 2010 – IV Conference International on Mining Innovation

June 23 – June 25, 2010 (3 days)
Santiago, Chile

Energie und Rohstoffe 2009

September 8 – September 9, 2009 (2 days)

Stochastic resource modelling and mine planning optimization: Modern geostatistics and optimization tools for the mining industry.

Workshop given by R. Dimitrakopoulos
September 7th & 8th, 2009 (2 days)

Mining Geostatistics Revisited

Presentation given by R. Dimitrakopoulos
September 9th, 2009 (5:00 PM)
Referent: Prof. Roussos Dimitrakopoulos

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2009 IAMG Conference

August 24 – August 27, 2009 (4 days)
Stanford, California

Conference program and agenda:

August 24-27
The conference program will consist of traditional IAMG topics as well as some new topics not featured in past conferences. Three keynote speakers will present at the conference

The conference consists of plenary as well as parallel session. Several sessions feature presentations in line with the conference theme as well as Stanford’s tradition in Geostatistics

Six student have been selected to compete in the student paper contest with a cash prize of $500 provided by Schlumberger Oil Services.


(August 28) 8:30am-5:15pm
The day after the main presentation, several workshops will run in parallel on Campus. Registration for these workshops will be separate from the main conference. Workshops will only take place if enough interested participants sign up

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AUSIMM Orebody Modelling and Strategic Mine Planning Conference

March 16 – March 18, 2009 (3 days)
Perth, Western Australia
This event will be a three-day symposium highlighting the latest advances, technologies, practices and concerns in the field. Closing date for the submission of abstracts is July 21, 2008.
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Australia-Latin America Mining Summit 2009: Innovation, Simulation, Logistics, Optimization and Risk Management & Planning in Mining

February 23 – February 27, 2009 (5 days)
Syndey, Australia

SME Annual Meeting & Exhibit and CMA 11th Annual National Western

February 22 – February 25, 2009 (4 days)
Denver, Colorado
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Strategic vs. Tactical Approaches in Mining 2008

September 28 – October 1, 2008 (4 days)
Quebec City, QC
In collaboration with Université Laval, the University of Witwatersrand and the Australian Centre for Geomechanics and Xstrata, the principal sponsor, this third international seminar targets everyone involved in mine management and operations, who have decision making responsibility.

SME Annual Meeting & Exhibit: New Horizons/New Challenges

February 24 – February 27, 2008 (4 days)
Salt Lake City, Utah

Risk Assessment for Ore Reserves and Mine Planning: Stochastic Simulation Application for the Mining Industry
Practice of Stochastic Simulation for Risk Management in Mining

CIM Conference & Exhibition: Energy and Mines

April 29 – May 2, 2007 (4 days)

Strategic Mine Planning for Risk Assessment
(session chaired by Roussos Dimitrakopoulos and Kostas Fytas, professor at Université LavaL)
Ore Reserve Estimation – Models and Reality

(session chaired by Roussos Dimitrakopoulos)

SME Annual Meeting & Exhibit and Colorado Mining Association 109th National Western Mining Conference

February 25 – February 28, 2007 (4 days)
Denver, CO

Operations Research: Strategic Mine Planning: New Advances

(session chaired by Roussos Dimitrakopoulos)

Operations Research: Strategic Mine Planning: Dealing With Uncertainty

(session chaired by Roussos Dimitrakopoulos)

INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences): Annual meeting

November 4 – November 8, 2006 (4 days)
Pittsburg, PA

Energy, Natural Resources & The Environment